Orchestra, ballet and show acts

Johann Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra

The Strauss Dinner Show offers an impressive performance by the renowned Johann Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra.

In this exquisite formation, musicians from the best orchestras and ensembles in Vienna share a common passion: with enthusiasm and dedication, they devote themselves to the unique waltzes, polkas and marches of Johann Strauss and transport their audience into the enchanting world of the Waltz King.

Singers and Conductors

In addition, outstanding soprano singers and world-famous conductors delight the audience with their virtuoso performances at the Strauss Dinner Show.

Our sopranos sing world-famous pieces by Johann Strauss, including the challenging Frühlingsstimmenwalzer and the entertaining Schwipslied.

Vienna Royal Ballet

The choreographic masterpieces were created exclusively for the Strauss Dinner Shows by choreographer Annkathrin Dehn.

Immerse yourself in the elegant world of dance and experience the harmonious symbiosis of the enchanting melodies of Johann Strauss and the skillful movements of the Vienna Royal Ballet.

This unique combination creates an unrivalled atmosphere and makes your evening an unforgettable experience.


Experience the Strauss Dinner Show with a charming presenter who will guide you through the evening with wit and esprit.

You can look forward to humorous anecdotes and interactive interludes that provide the best entertainment.

Spectacular and humorous show interludes

Humorous and spectacular show interludes promise additional entertainment throughout the evening.

From a staged artificial storm during the "Unter Blitz und Donner" polka to unique moments such as sharing a glass of champagne with the soprano during the "Schwipslied" or the impressive anvil during the "Feuerfest" polka - amazement and laughter are guaranteed at the Strauss Dinner Show.

Interactive activities

Don't just enjoy the fascinating performance, become part of the Strauss Dinner Show yourself! Experience interactive hands-on activities that involve the audience in the action and create unforgettable moments.